Funeral Celebrant for the Midlands Region

Bespoke Funeral Services to honour your loved ones.

Nowadays, many people have their own views on life, death and religion. Not everybody wants a traditional religious funeral with a Vicar or Priest, as it would not best fit the wishes of the deceased or the family. Engaging my services as a Civil Funeral Celebrant (whether directly or through a Funeral Director) will enable you to reflect the wishes of your loved one and help to create the ceremony that is both right for you and right for them. 

The services I write are as individual as the people they honour, with each service written from details and stories provided by the family and friends of the deceased. They can be religious, partly religious or non religious (some times known as humanist)...there is no right or wrong way; only what is best for you. I leave my ego and personal beliefs at your front because I don't bring any of my baggage into your service I am able to create and deliver a fitting and dignified tribute to capture the essence of the deceased; the memories that made that person so special to those gathered to remember them.  

A funeral is a time to say goodbye but it need not be just a sombre affair as it can also be a time to celebrate the life and personality of your loved one. However being able to express your grief is an important step towards your own healing, so I will do my best to create a warm, caring and safe environment so you can be honest about your feelings. I understand that it is a difficult time for you at the moment but I am a good man, with a good heart and I will do my best to look after you in your hour of need.

I will meet you at your home and talk through all the details with you (and as many members of your family or friends as you want to be there) and for as long as needed (I am with most families for between 1 - 2 hours). I will then write the service and send it to you to review (add, delete or amend anything you wish) before the day itself so there are no surprises for you.

If you wish to book me directly, my fee is £195.00...(which is less than a Vicar from the Church of England...or a Roman Catholic Priest)...and I am happy to work with any Funeral Director you have chosen.

I have had many nice things said about the hundred + services I have delivered, but because of the sensitive and personal nature of funerals; I don't want to include all of those references on this website for all to read. However I am of course happy to pass on details of other families that I have helped, so you can talk to them directly for an honest appraisal of me; or show you the dozens of thank you cards (like the one below), which I have been sent by families I have helped.

I assure you of a warm welcome at all times, with no oligation to use me. Please give me a call to find out more :-)

Warm regards,