Friendly Toastmaster

Colin in the USA

Calling all American brides...and bridegrooms! Here's a personal message from Colin...your Friendly, Professional English Toastmaster.


Ladies and gentlemen why don't you spoil yourself, your family and friends on your wedding commissioning me to be your English Toastmaster?


A "Toastmaster" has in very different meaning in Britain; than it does in the USA...


An English Toastmaster is master of ceremonies (making all and any announcements needed; whilst using the correct English Protocols and Etiquettes when necessary).

An English Toastmaster is a time keeper (ensuring your wedding is moving along at a nice pace and to plan).

An English Toastmaster is a front of house co-ordinator (liasing with all venue and catering staff - so you don't have to).

An English Toastmaster is a diplomat (resolving any little issues that might and can crop up and spoil your day).

An English Toastmaster is a host for your family and guests; ensuring everyone is as happy as possible.

But ultimately a good English Toastmaster is a "safe pair of hands"; enabling you to relax and enjoy your wedding.

And all done, whilst wearing traditional red tails and white per the pictures on my website.


So what would my duties include? (The following items are just ideas, based upon a traditional English Wedding...we will of course agree all the details before your wedding day itself).

- I will welcome all your guests as they arrive.

- If you marry at a Church; I will instigate three cheers from your guests as you arrive at the venue...or if you are having a civil ceremony, we will give you three cheers after the service.

- Whilst your guests are enjoying their reception drinks, I will introduce myself to them and let everybody know what is happening and when.

- Before the meal is served, I will organise a receiving line...(an English Tradition, normally consisting of the Bride and Bridegroom and the parents, so you can welcome all your guests as they enter the function room or marquee).

- If you wish me to, and if relevant, I can introduce the parents into the function room before you. It is a big day for them full of lots of memories.

- I will then introduce you, the happy couple into the function room.

- I can say Grace (if wanted), or introduce someone else to say it.

- I will ask everyone to take their seats as your "wedding breakfast is about to be served". (It is called a wedding breakfast, for it is the first meal eaten as a married couple).

- During the meal, I can pass around a guest book if you have one.

- After the meal, I will introduce the speeches...which traditionally are given by the father of the Bride, then the Bridegroom and lastly the Best Man. (I will also be there to support those giving a speech; in any way I is not uncommon for the father of the Bride to cry tears of joy).

- And after the meal (the wedding breakfast)...I can introduce the cutting of the cake...the throwing of the bouquet (if you wish to throw one)...and then the first dance.

So I will be with you before your guests arrive...until after the first dance...when the party really begins. 


I promise I will look after you...and make your wedding day...a day that you, your family and friends will remember forever.

I am happy and able to work alongside all wedding planners and catering companies. So go on, get in touch with me and spoil yourselves with a tradtional English theme for your special day.

Here are some references:

And here is my facebook page with some customer reviews:

Ladies and gentlemen; thank you for your time and hopefully speak soon.

Yours sincerely,

Colin Bruton - MCT - your Professional English Toastmaster.