Professional Toastmaster and Funeral Celebrant

Colin was born in 1972 and left school at 16 and after a short time in the Royal Navy (he left due to a medical discharge...Colin often jokes that he wasn't man enough for the job). He then worked in the hotel & catering industry for the last 20+ years. In that time he has looked after hundreds of functions including weddings, birthday parties, christenings, private dinners, business dinners, product launches and special events; always with courtesy, attention to detail and a sense of humour when appropriate.

Colin is a Professional Toastmaster and Funeral Celebrant; this is his only source of income. He isn't an actor...this is who he is. He has owned three companies over the years, been a democratically elected member of local government (a City Councillor) and has experienced much that life has to offer.

His interests are history, archaeology, classic sword fencing, flying, riding his motorbike, shooting his longbow and messing about in boats. Spiritually, he is most happy when by the rugged Cornish coast; breathing in the salty air and with the warmth of the sun on his back. He also presents a weekly show on a local radio station and is currently taking singing lessons.