Colin Bruton - independent Wedding & Event Toastmaster (& Funeral Celebrant) for the whole of the UK and the USA.

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Not everybody knows what a Professional Toastmaster is, or indeed what the benefits are of using I though I would try and explain via the videos below; as well as through the various pages on this website.

Using the services of a Professional Toastmaster isn't about wanting to be overly formal or stuffy; it is about wanting somebody on your side, there to help ensure the smooth running of your function, event or wedding. A Toastmaster will be one of your lowest costs...and yet will bring everything together on the day; so please ask yourself...can you really afford not to have one!

A good Toastmaster is a master of ceremonies (making all and any announcements needed; using the correct Protocols and Etiquettes when necessary). A Toastmaster is also a time keeper (ensuring the event is moving along at a nice pace and to plan)...a front of house co-ordinator (liasing with all venue and catering staff - so you don't have to)...a diplomat (resolving any little issues that might and can turn up)...but ultimately a good Toastmaster is your best friend; enabling you to relax and enjoy your event, function or wedding.

If you have any questions at all, or would prefer to talk to me directly, please give me a call on 07980 014545; where you will always be assured of a warm welcome at all times.

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Colin Bruton - MCT - Your Professional & friendly Toastmaster, M/C and Funeral Celebrant


Colin became a Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies (MC) in 2006 and at that time he was one of the youngest in the time moves on, so he's no longer the youngest; but is still one of the friendliest. He always imparts sound advice about the running of your event, function or wedding, (including the correct etiquettes and protocols if needed); to make it a great success. His style is friendly, relaxed and always courteous...think traditional; but with a modern twist. Please take a few minutes to read about Colin's services and then if you are comfortable with what you have read and seen, please contact him for some advice and a no obligation quote; he will always give you a very warm welcome.

Toastmaster Colin lives in Rugeley in Staffordshire, England and offers his Toastmaster services throughout the whole of the UK and works as a Toastmaster in London for a lot of the time. He provides his Toastmaster services from Glasgow down to Penzance...throughout Staffordshire; Birmingham and the surrounding towns and cities around the he is also a Toastmaster for Derbyshire, a Toastmaster for Leicestershire, a Toastmaster for Warwickshire, a Toastmaster for Shropshire, a Toastmaster for Nottinghamshire, a Toastmaster for Wiltshire, a Toastmaster for Worcestershire, a Toastmaster for Cheshire, a Toastmaster for Ireland and is happy to travel across the "pond" to be a Toastmaster throughout the whole of the USA.

Colin is a member of the "Circle of Toastmasters" - this means he is highly trained, yet allowed to have his own style; it also means he is covered by public liability insurance up to the value of £5,000,000.00.